I'm OK, you're OK..

The evolution of an ethos

Emina Dzananovic began OK OK as a men's and women's clothing label in 2007 ( which was hella hard and annoying- production is Australia is hard man!) only to happen upon the socks and tights business in 2009 and then systematically start taking over the world one leg at a time (although more accurately a pair of legs at a time). 

Made in Melbourne until May 2013 when the last factory shut it's doors on hosiery manufacturing in Australia- bummer eh? Production then moved for a time over to that magical hobbit land, aka: the 8th state of Australia, New Zealand and in 2015 we're branching out to our brothers and sisters in Australasia in Seoul to help really kick off that taking over the world bizzo. 

Renowned for our excellent quality, our no bullshit policy about not screwing anyone over in our supply chain, the magical 'ONE SIZE' fit with most of our tights and socks and a brand new colour palette and designs each season our aim is to always, kick ass.

As of 2014, we now have a men's sock range under the label K.O (by OK OK) and in 2015 we're launching KO KO (by OK OK), our new line of kids tights and sox-ies for the little peoples. 

In addition to buying our incredible merchandise online, we also have a real live shop which you can walk into, things are in 3D, they can be touched and purchased with cash (and card of course) and a real live person is there to talk to, ask you about your day, complement you on your shoes etc...



+614 23 312 903